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It goes without saying: talented people want to work with other talented people.



Do you prefer to take your career into your own hands? Your experience and independence ensures that you are always up-to-date with the latest technologies within your domain.

We ensure that you can focus on interesting and substantive work. We draw up a challenging and individual training program together with you.

We know that you enjoy working with other passionate colleagues. We take care of that every day!

Why Vlegel?

Vlegel Technology is a new and ambitious engineering company specialized in improving and automating industrial processes and machines. As an Industry 4.0 system integrator, we are active in a wide range of sectors, including the food sector, electronics and automotive.
From digitization and IIOT to robotics and automation, work with the latest technologies at industrial customers.


Become an enterprising engineer


Work on challenging and creative projects


Discover new technologies

Project engineer

Help build automation projects and
integrate (from planning to implementation phase).

#Manufacturing #Automation #SCADA #TIA


Project engineer

Supervising and coordinating technical projects.
Shaping “the factory of the future”.

#ProjectManagement #Automation # Industry4.0

Spontaneous application

Just bitten by technology. We also often work with freelancers.
Let's get acquainted!

#IndustrialIT #Automation #IIOT #Robotics #Vision

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