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About us

Vlegel Technology is a Belgian engineering company.
We strive to prepare industrial companies for the technological and environmental challenges of tomorrow. We do this through smart and accessible digital
create solutions. Based on long-term partnerships and continuous innovation
we are working on the industry of the future.

Vlegel Technology, your Industry 4.0 partner

" Vlegel (~ s): Dutch for someone who is naughty, lively,"


Vlegel Technology challenges the status quo and ensures that industrial companies stay lively and keep up with the latest innovations.
In addition, a Vlegel (flail) was used in agriculture to work more efficiently. Vlegel Technology uses technology to produce more efficiently.

Why work with us?

Your productivity of tomorrow starts today with the right technology.
IIOT. Big data. The future is here. And if you're still not sure about Industry 4.0, we're here to get you started.
We work closely with you to create support in your organization. Our team of experienced thinkers and doers provides the extra knowledge and extra capacity in your organization.


We are your single point of contact in industrial technology. Not dozens of points of contact, but one experienced partner.

Technology independent

As a service provider we work results-oriented. Which technology we use is secondary to the intended result.

Flexible  capacity

IT, OT, ... You cannot have all the knowledge in-house. We provide the right person, in the right place at the right time.

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