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Vlegel technology is developing the first accessible, flexible and affordable internet of things platform (IIoT) for small and medium-sized production companies ( connects, measures and visualizes all data from factories and warehouses. This data can come from different sources (eg machines). This data is securely collected in the cloud. Subsequently, this data is visualized on the basis of dashboards on smartphones, tablets and PCs. therefore makes business processes transparent and verifiable. This makes it easy to optimize them, which will result in profit, both in terms of time and financially.

IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things

"The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to interconnected devices deployed for industrial applications. The IIoT is a network of intelligent devices that are connected to collect, exchange and analyze data. An industrial IoT system exists. from: 1) systems that can detect, communicate and store information; 2) a data communications infrastructure, and 3) analytics that generate information from raw data. "



The platform is accessible and scalable, so that people can start small and grow at their own pace.

The focus is on accessibility and user-friendliness, without compromising on quality and safety. By using a local LoRaWAN network to connect the assets with each other and with the cloud, the customer is assured of a secure and stable network

Performance Measurements

eg OEE of a production line, quality controls, ...

Preventive maintenance

eg MTBF, Downtime tracking, ...

Energy monitoring

eg Electricity consumption, ...

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